Five Links - 30th January 2013 This article was posted on Wednesday, 30th January 2013

I find and post a lot of links, both here and on Twitter. As I wrote when I introduced the old-school links page, I subscribe to a lot of feeds and there is some terrific stuff out there on the web.

I thought I would post a brief follow-up each week, of the links I liked best. I'm going to say I'll do about five a week, but if I need to, I'll post more (or less, I guess).

The links below have been posted over the last week and a bit, I hope to do this every Friday, for the previous week.

For Hannelore on the Gingerbread Blog

For Hannelore

Popeye Energy Drink on The Dieline

Popeye Energy

Skittle Sorting Machine on DesignBoom

Skittles Sorting Machine

Infographic: A Map Of All The Action In Star Wars And Indiana Jones on Fast Co.Design


MyThai Branding and Packaging on The Dieline

MyThai packaging

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