Old school links page This article was posted on Friday, 7th September 2012

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and I see a lot of great posts, about design, architecture and any other number of miscellaneous subjects. I made a conscious effort to start tweeting more of these links, but I found that because I was reading a glut of RSS feeds at once, I was tweeting a glut of links.This is not an ideal situation for anyone- I don't want to spam people's timelines with a large number of links, posted together.

So I built a links system on the admin side of my website, with an easy way of tweeting the link and the description. So now, when I go through a couple of hundred blog posts and pull out 5 or 6 great posts, I log them all on my website admin and then tweet them out at (somewhat) regular intervals during the day.

So now I have an old school links page to display them all (pagination, etcetera, coming later). I decided to create an RSS feed for the links, too, so, rather than keeping up on Twitter, you can have some nice links landing in your Reader. Subscribe to the feed here.

I hope you enjoy the links as much as I do. 

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