As before, this website and the blog posts within, are a representation of myself and my interests.

Personal websites and weblogs are the elements of the web that I like the most.

While I always consider myself a web designer, I've been moving back towards designing for printed media in recent times.

About this site

While this is still the second version of the blog, it's been through a few design reviews. I've most recently changed the design again. I hope to work on this over the next few months, incorporating SVG graphics.

I've no plans on doing multiple colour schemes again, I just don't have the time. I'd like to do something automated with SASS variables, but I can't make up my mind on the parameters.
The blogging engine is my own PHP/MySQL driven site, which has served me faithfully for the past five years.

I do not have comments enabled, but if you send me a message, I will be sure to respond and post a follow-up if necessary.

Family Ties

My family is well represented online- one of my sisters is the Gingerbread Lady and the other writes the Nest blog. My father blogs more often than I do and my brother is a well-watched drummer on YouTube and posts his drum videos there.


I am currently not looking for new projects, but I've worked with these nice folks and they had these kind words to say:


John Rainsford is a talented, energetic, and self-motivated designer with both web and traditional graphic design skills. His HTML is top-notch, his eye for the visually appealing is strong and true, and his enthusiasm is the best kind of infectious.

Jeffrey Zeldman, Founder, Happy Cog™, author, Designing With Web Standards


John is a web design craftsman. He is talented, considerate, and laser-focused on creating amazing designs atop impeccable code. He is also a joy to work with.

Aaron Gustafson, Principal, Easy! Designs, LLC, author, Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement 

Side Projects

I run the Support Web Standards website with Jeffrey Zeldman.

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