By day I run an embroidery, screen printing and clothing retail business.
However, by night, I like to take to my shed and make all sorts of stuff and things.

Last year I decided to start filming the process, as an added impetus to finish projects, and put them up on to YouTube. It definitely slows the process down, but I enjoy sharing what I’m doing.

It's not just woodworking and DIY- I dabble in everything from spraypaint art to screen printing projects to shop fixtures and fittings. They're all aspects of my personal and professional life- I like to keep things interesting.


About this site

As before, this website and the blog posts within, are a representation of myself and my interests. Personal websites and weblogs are the elements of the web that I like the most. I am a recovering web designer (from when that was a job title) and while I don't do much professionally any more, I am still making websites for my personal projects and have fallen back in love with messing around in the evenings on websites. It's like my teenage years all over again.

This is the third version (I think) of the blog, it's in a continual design review. I use SVG graphics for the title so I can change the hover-over states without producing a bunch of .pngs.
I used Rob Weychert's wisdom to allow colour schemes to be defined, simply by specifying a single colour and using SASS to produce the colour scheme. So far, it works great.
I had thought about automatically changing the colour scheme but couldn't decide on the parameters- time of day, seasons, stock markets? I might come back to it. I might just do a Jakob Nielsen Corner.

The blogging engine is my own PHP/MySQL driven site, which has served me faithfully for the past five years.

I do not have comments enabled, but if you send me a message, I will be sure to respond and post a follow-up if necessary.


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