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Storage Box

This article was posted on Friday, 24th March 2017

Storage box, Back to the Future Inspired

As with all my projects at the moment, I'm making stuff that I need and posting it to YouTube. It's good motivation to finish the projects fully.

I have several items in my home office that have large footprints- for example I have a lightbox that is one about 20mm thick but is 400mm x 600mm. I had a gap under my desk, so I decided to make a storage box on wheels for longer-term storage.

Now I do like to paint-and-decal stuff and I had an idea for this box in mind, and I purchased yellow spray paint as a highlight colour, but I changed my mind last minute and decided to make it have a passing resemblance to the Plutonium storage case in Back to the Future. It always made me laugh, the flippancy of 'Plutonium Handle with Care'.

Notes on the project-


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