Tool Tote This article was posted on Tuesday, 7th March 2017

Tool Tote with Magnetic Drawer system

I had a need for a means to cart my tools and other stuff around my garden. I was using an orange B&Q bucket to lug my drill, driver, boxes of screws and anything else I needed, which was far from ideal. I have tool bags and tool boxes but I wanted a tool tote that would remain empty and ready to be filled, depending on the job.

One other feature, or necessity, was that there was a drawer or tray that would let me put shallow objects, like my screw boxes or small tools, separate from the larger tools. I didn't want latches or anything that wuld break or catch, so I turned to magnets.

The more I thought about the idea, the more I thought it would work and it would work well. Being a huge fan of maker videos on YouTube, I decided to record the whole process and make a short video of the making process. The side-effect of making a video is you put extra effort in to the process- my tool tote ended up with a paint job and then I went and stencilled it up. It's a slippery slope. Check out the video-

Notes on the project-

Notes on the video-


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