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Last year, my brother, Will came to me with the idea of printing tshirts. He works in our family business, which is a design and print company. He had happened upon a new digital technology that produces full colour, screenprint quality tshirt prints, without the setup or the large print quantities associated with screen printing. He thought this could be a great service to offer people- promotional tshirts, high quality, low quantities.

Since 2010, I had done a few rounds of promotional merchandise on, I really enjoyed it, especially producing the actual goods. It was fun. I had toyed with the idea of setting up a site to produce promo merchandise for people, but I didn't have the time or resources to do it. It is more work than one person can handle.

So, Will comes to me and we thought about a site for tshirts, hoodies and other miscellaneous garments. We started with that, but then decided to add Vinyl Stickers to the mix (I had lots of sticker experience with SWS). Then we decided to add some other items and it spiralled from there. We chose BigTree as our company name- it leaves us open to branch into other areas of promotional merchandise.

I worked on the site in any spare time I had, which delayed the launch until a few weeks ago. We've been slowly, but surely, building up our customer base and we're really excited with what is on the horizon. We have more products to introduce, a whole new range of packaging and accessories to add to the site as well as keeping our own merchandise shelves stocked with new products.

Speaking of which, we have sticker sample packs for sale in the shop. If you use the coupon code johnsentme you will only pay postage for the pack (or alternatively, get 1 euro off the total of your order of any of the shop items).

If you have any queries or comments, please use the contact form.

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