Sources of busyness This article was posted on Thursday, 27th June 2013

Around this time of the year, my spare time (that which I use to update things, like this blog) becomes non-existant. This summer, aside from working freelance and setting up another business, my time has been taken up doing fun stuff.

So, as fodder for this blog, I'll be posting a couple of posts over the next week, regarding different things I am getting up to, in photo-form.

First off, I'm chairperson of the local art group and we are currently running our 35th annual art exhibition. The exhibition is six years older than I am. I have two pieces exhibited in it, as seen below. There is a lot of work put into running the exhibition for the week, we're a group of over 60 local artists and there was 220 pieces of art exhibited this year.

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