Embracing Facebook This article was posted on Monday, 29th April 2013

For too long, I have been avoiding Facebook for anything other than informal messages with close friends and family. I find a lot of Facebook... unpleasant. I think Facebook has been trying to become the one and only web destination for the general public, and the thought of that is horrible. If the only site you visit is Facebook and the only online interaction you have is on Facebook, then you miss out on all the weird and wonderful stuff across the web.

While I always knew Facebook was a good communication tool, it's taken me a while to come round to using it. This started with the local youth group I work with, Aontas Ogra. In the past, I have set up guestbooks and message boards to try create a method of communicating with members and parents of members but with Facebook, we now have an incredibly successful medium to interact with members and parents. The obvious secret to the success is being able to post messages to where they are going to regularly visit.

Seeing how useful this has been and how other businesses and individuals have used Facebook for getting their message out there, I decided to create a Facebook page for my links, so if you don't have a Twitter account or subscribe to RSS feeds, you can now 'Like' this page and get all the links in your Facebook feed.

This is also the reason why I stopped Five Links for Friday, I was relinking too soon, before people had a chance to see the original. I am going to add tags to my links though, for better perusal down the line. 

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