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Vintage Penguin-style covers for Tarantino movies

I like projects like these, reimaging Tarantino movies as Penguin paperbacks. The only thing I'd change wold to keep all the covers simpler (Kill Bill in particular) and the colour scheme reduced, like the Penguin paperbacks of old. My favourite is Death Proof (I quite like the film too...)

LEGO paper airplane folding machine

Any video where Lego gets used to mechanically do something, not only gets linked to, but also gets relinked.

Period modern

This home got relinked because of the fantastic conservatory attached to it. So envious.

Pretending it’s Summer: Glen Lake Tower by Balance Associates Architects

I love everything about this tower Summer home- it's cladding, shape, space, interiors. Fantastic.

Lode Architecture: G House, Normandy, France

I love this simple home, which is deceptively large. I wouldn't mind this as my summer home in France.

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