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The BEST(A) LEGO shelves

I love Lego, so I had to relink to this cabinet. As I said in the original link post, a lot of these Ikea Hackers posts are woeful, but this almost looks like an official Lego product.

L-Shaped Countryside Home With Both Rustic And Contemporary Nuances

I don't think I could make up my mind between a contemporary and a traditional home. I'd probably juxtapose the two together, like this home in the UK.

Kazuhiko Kishimoto: Skyward House, Japan

I relinked this home simply because I love the wooden pathway up to it. So nice.

Modern Meets Rustic Revealing a Special Eclectic Décor

I called this one of my favourite home exteriors in a while, so I had to relink to it. I love all the different cladding materials and the different directions the material lines take. The interiors are really nice too, especially the dining table 'chandelier'.

Castillo-Miras Arquitectos: Nazari Tower restoration in Huercal-Overa

This is a striking defensive tower, renovated in Spain. On a barren landscape, in, what looks like, blistering heat, this stands, monolith-like. I love the cape around the staircase.

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