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White House Wednesdays

I love these photos on Flickr, especially the fact that the US National Archives are on Twitter. THis particular photo set is of the interior of the White House when it was completely gutted: “The decision was made to move the Trumans across the street into the Blair House for three years while the White House underwent a complete reconstruction within its original exterior walls.”

Equator Beer

You don't often see a blind-printed label on food or drink, but this is special beer. It was brewed by the design company Equator Design, in their Sydney offices (!) for their clients. The wooden cases that house them, also built by members of the company, are a beautiful complement to them.

BGP Arquitectura: MTY House, Mexico

A gigantic monolith of a home, that sits amongst the trees on the side of a Mexican mountain. I'd say the masses of concrete keep it cool in summer and warm in winter.

Minnesota United FC on Brand New

I really like this rebrand of a football crest. It keeps the 'feel' of a crest, but is contemporary and so much slicker than the previous crest.

The Eco Fan requires no power

This fan that sits on top of a wood-burning stove, uses the heat generated from the stove to create an electrical circuit and spin the fan, distributing the rising heat from the stove throughout the room. I really love this idea, but shudder at the thought of a child putting their hands near it when in full flight...

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