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DKNG Fun’s Seattle Ice Cream Truck

I love the work of DKNG, I could watch their process videos over and over. This behind-the-scenes blog post details their recent Ice Cream Truck poster. Really great, love those display Ice Cream signs.

Minimalism And Playfulness Defining Residence Made of Shipping Containers

Everybody loves the reuse of shipping containers, it's fun to see what people do with the constraint of the shipping container shape. This house doesn't look like it, but it's made of shipping containers.

Rich Kelly Django Unchained

I linked to the one example of this guy's work, but you should check out his whole portfolio. Stellar work.

Solid Concrete House With a Staggering Zen Lounge Area

This is one behemoth of a concrete home, but the interiors are really nice. I especially like the open lounge area that almost is part of the garden. Too much concrete for my tastes, but I'd live in it regardless (a lick of paint would be need though...)

Le Chat

This beer label is more like a car 'wrap'. Really nice colour palette, nice textures, very interesting design overall.

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