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Spirit Guide reinventing a great distillery

I saw this link on Daring Fireball and I had to repost it, simply because it describes a Scottish Whiskey that tastes like TCP disinfectant. What a sensation. I am not a fan of Scotch Whiskey.

Studija Archispektras: house in Kaunas - an autograph among the pine trees

A fantastic home in Lithuania. It's huge and clad with vibrant orange "vertical oxygenated steel plates".

Ashford and Ashford Stationery and Branding

This gets a relink because it's stationery and branding for lawyers (I assume) yet it's modern and slick and really represents them well.

From Shipping to Seating: Balzer + Kuwertz's Upcycled Pallet Chairs

Pallets usually end up as firewood or in a landfill, when their usefulness ends, so it's nice to see them being reused in a clever way.

Bang by Min: H house, Seoul

I've relinked this as it's an incredible building. Like a series of stacked boxes, it's makes for a huge space with a very small footprint. Also, the grassy garden is on the roof so that's really nice too. Vertigo is the way to go.

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