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The Art of the Japanese Manhole Cover

I love Japanese art, and I love art that is on unusual surfaces, so these decorated manhole covers are right up my street...

British Athletics Identity Designed

After watching his talk from the Brand New conference (blogged about here), I have become a big fan of Simon Manchipp of SomeOne and his their philosophy that a brand shouldn't hinge on a logo, but rather a branding system. This crest for the British Athletics, created by SomeOne, is a great example of achieving both. This piece is contributed by Mr. Manchipp and is definitely worth a read.

Cypress Clad Waterfront Residence With Exceptional Views in Connecticut

A beautiful, narrow home- timber clad and on a beachfront. Is spacious without having a huge physical footprint.

DeLorean Motor Company

Profile of the logo for the DeLorean Motor Company, famous for it's starring role in Back to the Future. The logo suited the car so well.

Okagami House

Another Japanese-related link, this fantastic house is enclosed in trees, with beautfiul walkways throughout. There are also photos of the house when it was built, which are really interesting, as they show before the foliage has taken over.

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