Five Links This article was posted on Friday, 15th February 2013

As a poor substitute for actual blog posts, I present this weeks five links.

I decided to put in descriptions as to why I highlight the links, rather than images, as they might be more useful.

The Clink Room

I linked to a particular blog post, but visit the site and go back through the most recent posts of them critiquing work submitted by readers. When it comes to American sports team logos, Brandiose (who are behind the Clink Room) seem to be the experts in that area.

Concept: The Big Brand Theory

Interesting post on how effective major branding is, even when cropped down to it's barest elements.

eWorld: Apple’s Dream of the 90′s

A nice article about eWorld, Apple's online community of the 1990s. Interesting concept but so incredibly limited, even for that time (AOL was so much bigger).

Desks with a Gutter

Saw two of these desks this week, both very similar. Here's the other one.

Gummie Industries Branding

My favourite of the branding I saw in the last week. Hits all the right spots.

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