Keeping out of trouble This article was posted on Tuesday, 3rd July 2012

I've been busy lately, preventing me from adding to these sprawling archives. I have several updates to implement throughout this site, but until I get some free time to finish them, they'll have to remain orbiting in the stratosphere. Meanwhile, I've been keeping off the streets and out of trouble, kept busy with...

My strawberries

Gardening- As it is is summertime, I have been spending significant time in my vegetable garden. There has been a lot of rain and heat recently and my crops are growing, but so have the weeds. It's a constant battle keeping the weeds, slugs and birds away from my produce.

All Seeing

Being artistic- The last couple of weeks I have been preparing art for the Athy Art Group's annual exhibition. I designed and screened two pieces for the exhibition. The piece above is titled All Seeing. They're both single colour prints on painted plywood.


Working- I've also been working for Storyful, commuting to and from Dublin. I'm one of two senior designers on staff. We're creating a new wave of websites, to support their professional services. Storyful have about 30 journalists looking for and validating user generated content throughout the web for use in the mainstream news industry. It's a great place to work and I'm having a great time working there.

In between everything else, I'm trying to sneak bicycle rides in at every point. Hopefully when I get better equipped to commute and compute, I will be able to post more regularly.

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