Brilliant Branding: St. Barts This article was posted on Thursday, 26th April 2012

Not all new branding needs to follow the latest trends and use so-called 'modern' typefaces. Case in point- the branding solution for Saint Bartholomew's Church, which won the Best of Show in the 2011 Brand New Awards.

St. Barts

There are many things I like about this identity. The typography is a nice blend of old carved type, lifted directly from the Church walls, and Carter Sans by Matthew Carter. Carter Sans is a very legible and clean sans-serif, with loads of character (no pun intended) without being too ostentatious. The sub-branding is nicely consistent- a circular motif is maintained through the branding, with a selection of iconography and text-within-circles, to denote the different aspects of the church. I love the fact that not only is the branding incredibly comprehensive, there is also so much room for expansion.

St. Barts Iconography

The branding is designed by the Original Champions of Design- you should check out their case study page as well as the rest of their work. They do some great work, kudos.


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