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Just after Christmas last year, I saw the David Fincher remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I thought it was a better interpretation of the original novel than the Swedish film. I thought they had a great cast of actors, and I felt that both Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara portrayed their respective characters better than their Swedish counterparts. I thought the film was shot, edited and paced a lot better too-it's a long movie, two hours and forty minutes, but it doesn't seem like a long journey. More like a tough journey.

Dragon head

As with all David Fincher movies, the attention to detail is brilliant. Every little element on screen has been thought about and is there for a reason. I think this is probably why this movie appeals to me a lot- as a designer, it's those tiny little details that 99% of people do not see, but are there, that excite and interest me. They are the threads of a fine woven garment.

Scenes from the Title Sequence

The Art of the Title Sequence, a website celebrating movie title sequences, posted an article about TGWTDT when it was released in the cinema, and I'm sure I posted it to Twitter. Having watched the movie again on Blu-Ray, I thought the article deserved a mention on a blog post because it is really good.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Title

It consists of interviews with David Fincher, Tim Miller from Blur Studios- the company which created the title sequence and, Neil Kellerhouse, the designer who handled all the graphic elements for the movie.

Amazing and inspiring work.

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