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An example of brilliant design- the Lego brick. The patents below are dated 1961, but the design was finalised in 1958 (also on patent)- since then, all Lego pieces conform to these dimensions. Lego pieces from 1958 can be used with Lego produced today. The genius of the design can be seen both in the success of the product and the fact that the fundamental details of the design are still used today.

Lego Patent Drawing

Tangentially, I'm aware that people from the US tend to say 'Legos' as in 'I have ten Legos', 'can I play with your Legos' etcetera. This is wrong, very wrong. You can have 'Lego sets', 'Lego bricks', 'Lego pieces' and 'Lego Minifigures' but not Legos. Sort it out.

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