Support Web Standards 2011 This article was posted on Tuesday, 6th December 2011

Last Wednesday, November 30th (aka Blue Beanie Day) myself and Jeffrey Zeldman launched a new incarnation of Support Web Standards, a website that houses both a growing list of web standards resources and a shop to buy some products 'to show your love and support for web standards'.

I have lots to say on the matter, but due to the approaching Christmas shipping deadlines, I am spending all my time packing and shipping envelopes of products around the world. It's hard work, but I actually enjoy doing it.

I'll go into more detail with the new product design as soon as I get a free minute, but I'd like to share with you our new promo video. It has been something I wanted to do since last year's launch and I finally got around to doing it. Check it out below.

I filmed the footage on my iPhone 4S, but it still came out at a decent quality. There are lots of little things I'd love to change but I just filmed and cut it really fast, ignoring all spots and quirks with the footage (I'll share my 'unique' iPhone/Tripod setup at some other time).

The soundtrack is courtesy of my younger brother, the inimitable, YouTube drumming sensation, Jimmy Rainsford. I filmed the footage Sunday night, cut it together Sunday and Monday, sent the rough cut to Jimmy after lunch on Monday and he had drums, guitar and bass back to me by late Monday night. I only asked for a drum track! That kid has mad skillz and I'm so appreciative of his work.

I have another post, lined up for when I get a moment to finish and publish it. Thanks again to Jimmy, and also to Jeffrey and finally, thanks to Blacknight who have sponsored the hosting for the site again.

If you have any queries or comments, please use the contact form.

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