My office, Unplggd This article was posted on Friday, 7th October 2011

Unplgged articleI woke up this morning to find that my office photos from Flickr were featured in Unplggd (with permission, of course) along with a a nice run down of all the stuff in my home office.

I'm a big fan of Unplggd and ApartmentTherapy, I love looking at people's workspaces, probably why I took photos of my own home office.

If you have any questions about my workspace, leave a comment on Flickr and I'll reply as soon as I can.

My favourite part of my office? My Adobe Illustrator magnet board. I love Illustrator, despite it's flaws, and I learned to use it with the version called Illustrator '88. Even though Illustrator 6 is my favourite version release, I decided to use Illustrator 9 for the magnet board.

Illustrator 9 introduced very Photoshop-like features which signified the coming together of all the Adobe products, it was one of the last Mac OS classic versions and most importantly, it had the Birth of Venus on the toolbar.

Check out the article or take a look at the photos on Flickr.

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