September Rethink This article was posted on Tuesday, 20th September 2011

If you aren't reading this through an RSS reader, you may notice that I've changed things around here a bit. There are really two major changes; the design colour scheme has changed and the style switcher has been removed.

Not long after I created the last incarnation of the site, I realised that while I thought it looked fine on high-resolution LED monitors, it did not look great on lower resolution monitors. I decided to boost the contrast up, throughout the design, to make it more legible. Another part of the design that I changed, which lead on to the demise of the style-switcher, was to use Georgia as the body typeface, which I think is probably the most legible web font we have at the moment.

The aforementioned demise of the style-switcher, came about because I no longer needed a high-contrast, legible stylesheet- my new design accomplished what the second stylesheet was there for. Also, I used PHP sessions to record the change of stylesheet and this stuck horrible PHPSESSID strings to the end of URLs. I won't be missing them.

You can check out the previous two styles on Flickr, here and here. Onwards.

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