I've been reviewing... This article was posted on Friday, 18th February 2011

I have been ignoring this website for a while because I've been busy with client work, personal work and catching up on my book blog- I read books, then review them. Badly.

I had planned to move the Book blog from Posterous to this website over Christmas, but I never got round to it. I have since accumulated a backlog of book reviews to catch up on. The purpose of the book blog is so I can keep track of what I've read, more for my own purposes than anything else. Posterous is a decent service, but it is more suited for people sending stuff via email, to be posted automatically- I just log in and update via the web. I still hope to add a review section to this site, then I'll have the fun of transporting 30+ book reviews over, but at least it'll be a lot less work to post reviews to it.

One of the more recent books that I have read was From Russia with Love- so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to post an image of the front cover from the 2007 re-issues. I just love the art, it's perfect for the the books. I have the first three books (Casino Royale, Live and Let Die and Moonraker) in hardback from the re-issues, I never got around to buying the rest of the set when it was available in hardback. I may scour eBay at some point in the future.

The art is created by Michael Gillette, his website is here and his blog is here- worth subscribing to.

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