A Smashing Post This article was posted on Tuesday, 7th December 2010

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine and it has just been published. Allow me to present; Preparing Artwork for Screen Printing in Adobe Illustrator.

Thumbnail Images from article

I had fun writing the article and coming up with a fictional company graphic. I created a quick rocket vector and some text to better illustrate the points of the tutorial. It's a tricky business prepping artwork for screen printing, I've made enough mistakes in the past to have come to some fairly robust techniques.

I've compiled the 18 graphics I created for the article into one large image above. I was pleased with how the whole article came together. It's the kind of tutorial that I like to read. Hopefully people will enjoy reading it and get some use out of it.

I'll try answer any queries over on the comments on Smashing Magazine, but if you like, you can also contact me and I'll try reply (if it's short!)

If you have any queries or comments, please use the contact form.

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