Waste This article was posted on Friday, 8th October 2010

Golden Pages 

Dumped outside my front door this morning was the latest GoldenPages from Truvo. I think the last time I looked at a GoldenPages was in the late nineties. Why do Truvo and Eircom continue to print and distribute these books? A Google search is only a few key-presses away.

I guess if they weren't printing and distributing as many, they couldn't charge their advertisers as much. I would say that if at least 1% of the people who got their copy of the phone book took it out of the cellophane, let alone read it, it'd be a minor miracle. I wouldn't take an advertisement out in the GoldenPages- it'd just show how out-of-touch I was, not just with modern advertising, but the modern world.

It's a waste, for everyone involved. It's a waste for advertisers, it's a waste of resources such as paper, it's a waste of my time trying to figure out how to stop them from sending them to me and where I can recycle it, to stop it taking up space in my home.

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