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There comes a point in a project where everything is set up, you have the website checked and double checked, it works perfectly in every browser, there's no broken links and the CMS works like a charm. Now how do you hand over the important details to the website owner/administrator? On any project, I could easily have login details for the CMS admin area, email administration, Google Analytics and any social network accounts that I created for the project

Nearly all contact that I have with my clients is in electronic form- we send emails back and forth, we use Basecamp, invoices are even being sent via email. The issue I have with sending important details via email is that it can be deleted easily, sending the client back to me, looking for their details again or the more extreme case, interception by shady government operatives. It's just a chance I can't take.

I have been thinking about this problem for a while now and the solution I came up with was to produce a small booklet that can be handed over to the client at the end of the project. It had to be small enough that it wouldn't be such a nuisance that it would not be used, yet significant enough so that it wouldn't be easily lost. I also thought that it would be a good opportunity to include some important information on things like the best browser to use and contact details for my business. Most of this information is stuff that is the same for each project, so I was happy compiling a single generic booklet to be adapted for each client.

Above is a photo of the current booklet and I refer to it as 'current', as it is a work in progress. With a lot of these things, they have to be adjusted and improved over time and with use. I decided to create a design that works on a single, double-sided A4 sheet. All I have to do is print out the artwork (with the correct details), cut it in half and staple the two parts together to form a booklet. I've posted a photo of the parts, before stapling, below.

The contents of each page, 1 to 8, is as follows:

  1. Cover,
  2. Introduction,
  3. Recommended Browser,
  4. Updating website through Administration area,
  5. Email Accounts,
  6. Social Network accounts,
  7. Google Analytics info,
  8. Help and Contact Details.

There's loads of room for extra information, as needed. I'll do a revise in a couple of months, once I've distributed enough of them to get some feedback.
As always, I'm curious to see what other people do. Please let me know and I'll compile a follow-up post.

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