Behind the Wall of Sleep This article was posted on Monday, 9th August 2010

There are people who can fall asleep once their chosen bedtime occurs (they can also programmatically wake at a chosen hour also). I am not one of those people. The minute my head hits the pillow, my mind races, thinking about what has happened and what will happen. For as long as I was able to read, books have been my means of falling asleep. Nothing else works- tiredness, TV, copious quantities of alcohol- if I don't read, I don't sleep.

Apart from the technical books I read for work (read them when you go to bed, they'll definitely put you to sleep, but then you have to read them again to comprehend them) I tend to favour detective/thriller/action novels and I go through a lot of them. I had to start getting books from the library as my bookshelves were overflowing.

It has been only in recent years did I realise my healthy appetite for paperback novels comes from my uncle Joe, (who is in fact my great-uncle Joe, as in my father's uncle). I've seen his house, it's chock full of books- books to the ceiling. He is quite partial to books in the vein of the Bourne Identity (although he didn't like the sequels, or Matt Damon's movies). Joe gives me piles of books and I quite enjoy the Ludlum thrillers like the Janson Directive and similar spy/military novels. 

I have found though, that because I was reading so many books, I had to create a separate blog to keep track of what I've read.  When I get time, I write up reviews, so I can go back through them afterwards, if I want to be reminded of the book or if someone asks for a recommendation (they're really bad reviews, I make no apologies, they're really only for my benefit). I can usually remember if it was a good book or how the story develops, but my stumbling block is always with book titles and author names. Technology, as always, to the rescue.


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