Scallions This article was posted on Tuesday, 3rd August 2010

I've never sown a thing in my life, but recently after cleaning up my garden, I decided that I would plant some vegetables, specifically some onions and scallions (I don't really have space for any larger vegetables).
Unfortunately I decided to do this in May, so when I went looking for onion and scallion seeds, it was too late in the year to plant the more robust varieties, so I settled on some Italian Barletta Onions and some Spring Onions (Scallions). I planted a large quantity but only four actually developed and today I picked them all.

I was actually quite disheartened with the crop- I thought I would get many more. I think I used too much peat moss and possibly didn't water them enough to encourage more germination. Regardless, I was going to enjoy my crop and decided to eat them the best way- raw, on crackers with an (un)healthy amount of cheddar on top.

The beauty of scallions is you can eat them raw without poisoning yourself, which happens with onions. If I was disheartened before, the taste has definitely encouraged me to try it again next year, earlier this time, and have a right harvest, all through the summer. Growing stuff is great.

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