DIY Retail Displays This article was posted on Thursday, 7th March 2019

In my day job, I have a workwear business where we sell and customise workwear. I needed some new displays for the shop floor.

I had seen a really nice shop/production space in the US and they had used an old ladder as a clothes display, and I'm not sure whether they had come up with the idea or whether it came elsewhere, but I robbed it completely, but glad to give credit to No Matter What Apparel for the idea.

I actually have an old wooden ESB ladder but I only have one and it has been outside for a good few years, so I decided to make them. The build was pretty straightforward, shaping the pieces of the ladder, gluing and nailing them together and then a rough paint job. I started with a set of two, but I liked them so much, I built two more a few months later. You can see this jump in the video. The second set I painted black as the walls in my shop are grey and the other ladders, being grey, blended in with the wall.

These ladders were installed before Christmas, I just have been super slow in getting videos done. I was going to do a talking head vid, but I just am too busy with many different things at the moment. I'm also planning a redesign of the shop, and I want to do a video series on that, so I have this video from before Christmas, as well as another in the works, which I want to publish before the new shop layout.

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