Kindling Box This article was posted on Sunday, 1st April 2018

I made a pair of wooden crates to store kindling in my home. Like most people in Ireland, burning wood is one of the main sources of heat in our house, and a continuous supply of kindling is needed, to get the fire going.

The process is detailed in the video, I did a narrated build as I lost some footage due to a hard disk crash, so it wouldn't have made sense without explanation. It's really uncomfortable having to edit footage of yourself talking to the camera. I spent more time trying to hide the cuts where I removed the 'Ummms' and pauses as I tried to think what happened next.

This should've been a simple project, but I went back and forth with how I was going to do certain aspects. I then rough cut the whole process, simplifying it, but then lost the rough cut in the crash. So I could not remember the order of processes or which parts were still relevant.

I never had a disk crash where I lost stuff, but it sucks. It was a Seagate disk and was so new when it crashed, that the back up hadn't been completed.

A couple of features I'm really happy with- the painted decals, they were a nightmare to do, due to a combination of dodgy vinyl and dodgy paint, but looked great when finished. The other feature is the handles, they're functional, look great and were relatively easy to do. I had seen this style of handle in another YouTube video somewhere but after I published the video, I found a photo on Instagram of some vintage crates (handle on Remington crate, top left)-

I'd love to know how those handles were cut in a production environment, they look a little rough, and not rough from years of use, they look as if they're rough-cut. I love old crates.

Anyway, I have another video in the works, should be out soon.

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